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Permission Granted

Training is the best part of the day. It's a time to do exactly what I want to be doing as I work on myself and for a few hours all of my attention goes from external to internal. Self growth flourishes during this time both physically and mentally. During this time I encourage you to practice how you talk to yourself. Speak powerful things into existence and take out the saved up aggression accumulated throughout the day.

Over the last couple of weeks I've had several conversations with people who are interested in strength sports for one reason of another and each person believes they could achieve something great if they committed themselves to it. But that's the thing. Commitment is a scary thing for a personal sport when life starts to tack on responsibilities and roles for which we make choices to live the life we want and have. I asked a friend the other day knowing what he knows now and feeling as passionately as he does, what would he say to himself 5 years ago? It's a corny exercise that begs the question why aren't you doing the things you already know about? What kind of difference is it making?

When was the last time you did something physically that came across as impressive or outstanding? Something that you worked at that you said you wanted to do and actually went and did it. I'm not talking about getting hammered and then falling down without spilling your beer because anyone who works at that sport would do it no problem anyway. Amateurs. I'm talking about setting new PR's. Quite frankly its an addicting feeling to know that you've done something tangible to move the needle in a positive direction. I want that for people who struggle with consistency. I dare them to be proud for just themselves. Proud but not satisfied that they've peaked on the existing potential to be great.

Give yourself permission to be the person you speak so highly of and aspire to be. Talk is cheap and work isn't easy but nothing says that at a certain point in your life you have to stop being an athlete. It's where you have priorities and if you make time for yourself you can be better in the other areas. The commitment doesn't have to be year round but enough that you can work on yourself to be the best for you, your family, your spouse, your friends, whoever is important enough to occupy your time. Give yourself permission to be the athlete you want to be for the next 3 months because through competition we find the ability to show up and be our best. Be all in committed and anyone who downplays the commitment is trying to run your life for you. Think about it. If they were all in for you they will be excited to see what you accomplish in 3 months. They'll be supportive and push you to follow through much like a coach does. Some of us have super busy schedules and I completely understand that but you can find the 3 months to get up early or show up literally every day you can to be inspired to work on yourself. A sedentary life is dangerous much like you wouldn't go drink from stagnant water lest you get sick. Movement and purpose can cast light on the possibility that you owe to yourself a life you look forward to.

The commitment comes with a price to put in time and acquire the tools you need to see make this happen. For some that means reading or otherwise gaining an education on the best way to do what it is they are about to become. Be critical about the information you find and look for evidence that supports the cause. In 3 months what will you tell yourself? Allow yourself to be fully committed and be that 5am athlete or that 2 a day athlete. Whatever it takes you'll come out better for it. The only way to know for sure is to follow through. You have permission to train the way you envision you want to for the results that will inspire you. Our expiration date approaches. Refuse mediocrity and write the script that is your life. Rant done. Get after it!

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