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SIK Method

Strength. Intent. Knowledge. The 3 pillars that drive growth.

A primary reason athletes seek out trainers and coaches is usually because they have some sort of goal in mind, from wanting to get stronger or gain muscle but a big reason is usually that they want help and guidance to accomplish these goals. A good coach will make sure that they meet these goals by making sure that the athlete is training safely, effectively, and efficiently. Having a good coach, you will have someone who will take the time to learn who you are and what your goals are as well as your why. A coach will assesses your movements, strengths and weaknesses, and see your mental strengths and weaknesses. Coaches will hold you accountable but should also be understanding through the journey. Finding the right person for you might take time. If you are in a rush to find that person and don't develop a level of trust and understanding, the potential for improvement in the relationship could end up being very short.

The SIK Method is the philosophy of Brothers of the Barbell. In it lies the principles that we believe people benefit the most from with their training. To say you take your training seriously says a lot about the kind of person you are. It may not have always been that way, but a driven person finds a reason to partake in the pursuit of their physical and mental growth. I am not here to debate why you train and undermine your drive, however I am here to acknowledge that if you want to train smart and get strong, it takes time to acquire the skills you need to be a warrior.

Strength, as you know, comes easier to some but is achievable for all. For the athlete that is looking to optimize their performance, the process for getting stronger in their sport will recycle over the course of weeks, months, and years. Periodization plays a critical role in prolonging the health and effectiveness of our time in the gym. The longer you can stay in the gym, the stronger you can become over time. It isn't that we don't want you to PR the first day of training with us, but we would rather see smart and intentional increases in weight than for you to try for too much weight too fast. Increases the weight in your lifts requires patience and confidence that you can get 10, 15, 20 pound increases by correcting movement patterns and sticking to the agreed upon programming. For more about that go check out what our past athletes had to say in the testimonial section.

The connection between strength and knowledge that drives results is your intent. Every approach needs to be done with a certain confidence and desire to move in a certain way to perfect execution. Practice means nothing if the intent is meaningless and there isn't an inherent want to improve. It is better to approach a 600 pound bar with full intent on moving it with the greatest technique and grit than to have hopes in your head. There's no room for hope when you are driven to success accomplished through planning and execution. The same goes for warming up with 135 pounds on the bar and hoping it feels light. Well, did you do everything necessary to get to where you want to go? Did you eat like you give a damn? Did you drink, warm up, and prepare like this matters? If the answer is yes, get in there and take it because it already belongs to you.

Here is what the SIK method has done for us. Instead of having someone just tell me what to do and blindly trusting someone to maybe or maybe not guarantee my results there is a self-discovery process. If you are tired of the aches and pains that go with training and are questioning if there is a better way let me offer this, injuries are a risk involved with sports but injuries shouldn't be considered the way of life. You're training should build you up, not tear you down every 6 months because you can't withstand a program that someone else wrote for you without knowing WHO you are. Sure, you're a powerlifter and that calls for some particular way of training. How many powerlifting programs can you think of are available right now that you can start tomorrow? How many of those programs account for your experience as an athlete and address your imbalances or weak points? This isn't tiptoeing around the fact that we want to add massive amounts of weight on the platform. It is our hope to elevate people to reach the highest levels of performance in their sport. By understanding WHO you are and how you move, you can apply information from sources and adapt them to train efficiently.

There are a ton of coaches and a saturated market stocked with free information related to training. Some of that is irrelevant to what you should be doing. Just because something looks cool, if your strength goals are serious, don't waste time looking at the fluff. Our business is not about making a mountain of money but rather making a difference. We take the science based training approach and apply it to our practice with the SIK method. We want to see everyone be able to boost performance and learn why their body works the way it does and how the program they use is effective. In a word, transparency. Empowered with the knowledge of what an athlete needs it is our mission to unite the health, strength, fitness and medical worlds to mold an unbreakable person, a WARRIOR!

"Outwork the improbable to overcome the impossible"

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